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All that you should know about Free Web hosting

Free Web hosting is the way to go if you are striving for an online appearance for your business but do not have the money to afford the services of a professional service provider. It is a good way to implement your ideas and evaluate the results before you invest on it. Some companies provide free web hosting and there are services, which offer features of free web hosting. E.g. BlogSpot, Wordpress.

Advantages of Free Hosting

Nil costs

Time is the only investment you make. The hosting is free and beginners can get loads of experience by trying this, as it will not cost them a single penny. It gives the opportunity to learn, grow, and experiment with all the intricacies involved with web hosting.

One can build unlimited number of websites

If one is using free web hosting services like Wordpress, he/she can build number of websites or portals with little cost. This gives a chance to pretest your product or service in the market before you actually market them. This indeed saves a lot of investment.

Disadvantages of Free Hosting

You cannot host name of your domain

Due to non-registered businesses, one cannot have domain name for his/ her business. If somebody wishes to set up professional presence for online business you need to register and then only you can get a domain name. For example if you register with Wordpress, you will get a domain name for free but including the name Wordpress. Therefore, sub domains appear to be lacking professional touch and this may act as a hindrance while competing with your competitors.

 Lack of professional e-mail IDs

If anybody is really serious about his/her online business and wants to make it at per industry standards he or she must have e-mail IDs with domain name that associates his/her business. Free mail IDs inhibits your chance to stand as a reliable or credible service provider. Majority of spammers use hotmail or Gmail IDs to hide their original identity and using free IDs for your business is not a wise idea. Therefore, here come limitations of free web hosting.

Little guarantees

Well good things come with some costs. Since it is free, hence no guarantees for a free web hosting. The hosts may be trying out these free services to generate user crowd or it may be a promotional flick. Whatever it may be, these services are good for trial purpose but using them for professional business is quite risky.

Summary: Get to know how Free Web hosting can boost the performance of your website and enhance online presence of your brand and business.